Friday, 13 April 2012

Two months on...

Apologies for the vagueness of this picture- it is Hillary having the first roll in the field in seven weeks and two days! It therefore seemed appropriate, as it represents the small moment of happiness she has experienced in a huge amount of time.

It was decided that Hillary needed a medicinal boost, as it appeared her body wasn't producing the elements it needed to heal the damaged tendon. She therefore went on a course of  'adequan;' an injection every five days. Throughout the whole process I have thought myself so lucky to have such an accepting wonderful horse, and in this sense I have continued to be blown away by her impeccable behaviour and trust in humans.

She took every injection with merely a flinch, and on the fifth injection, it was suggested she could be turned out in the field for thirty minutes. I watched her every move in the field, and I almost cried with pure happiness after seeing how happy she was. After several rolls, she proceeded to throw herself around like a foal would; she was shaking too, not sure what to do after such a long time in.

After thirty minutes she came in; I checked the leg to find minimal swelling and no heat. I went home that evening elated, hoping that riding was a short distance away.

The next morning, there was heat in the leg.

The vet (who appears to recognise my voice now), suggested 24 hours box rest, followed by walking. I did as instructed. Utterly disappointed.

Hills has finally finished the course of injections, and we are having a scan in 12 days now. I am advised not to turn her out again; she could damage the new bits of tendon she is forming.

As for now though, I want to stress that even though 2012 was meant to be our year, what means more is making sure she is happy and healthy; after all that is what she deserves. This year, I WILL ensure that she gets better and fitter, and maybe 2012 will be special after all- I get to strengthen my bond with my best friend.

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