Wednesday, 25 April 2012

So, here we are, it's nearly the end of April, what a time it's been. This is an update on Hillary's progress as the second scan (after the adequan injections) took place today.

As you may know, the original scan showed a few dark areas which were areas of damage. The adequan's job (injected every five days for a total of seven times) was to boost her recovery.

I was quietly excited about the results of the second scan; Hillary has been walking out great, and we have hardly experienced any heat in the leg at all. She is still on pain killers, but only a little bit per day, and after today this will be dropping again. Hills seems happy to be out, wanting to walk out and when on her walks, seems very interested in what's going on around her, especially the fact that lots of new grass is growing, ready to be nibbled. I know it's been said before, but I'm so proud of how she's coped with the whole thing. She truly is an amazing animal.

So, today. The vet came and watched her trot up to check for lameness. As the weather was awful (rain and high winds), it was no surprise that she was a little over excited, but she behaved well and the vet was able to assess her movement.

During a scan, the area to be scanned has to be clipped to allow adequate conduction for the ultra sound. Hillary, in some point in her life, must have had a bad experience with the clippers, and so for both scans, she has had to be sedated. It's an odd thing to watch, but knowing that the vet is on hand makes me feel better about it.

The scan showed that Hillary still has some damage, so much so that a second course of Adequan has been started. However, the tendon that has been repairing seems fine and the vet is pleased. The course of treatment is the same as before: an injection every five days for a total of 7 injections. However, this time, I've been told I can ride for twenty minutes at walk, and also she can go out in a small paddock. This news is brilliant; Hills will be able to be a horse again, and I'll be able to start re-building the ridden bond we had.

I can't deny that I'm frustrated- I just want her better. I have cried, I'll be honest. But the more important thing is that we're heading in the right direction, and in a small way, the hard work is paying off. I have to put the plans for 2012 into getting her right and making sure that she is happy. And I know that even if it was 90 weeks of walking in hand, I'd still do it without fail, for her.

Sometimes, we have it all and care nothing for it, but sometimes all we have is tomorrow, and it becomes tomorrow that matters. I know that as long as Hillary and I have tomorrow, everything else is a bonus.

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