Thursday, 26 July 2012

A Fresh Start

So much has happened since my last post some two months ago; most notably, we have moved yards.
This move was not something I ever thought I'd do, I'd always been so happy where I was, but as with many things, change happens.

The new yard is closer to home, and Hillary will be able to have the longer turn out she now needs. It was a difficult decision to move, but I felt that it would suit Hillary more, and so I went, crossing my fingers all the way.

Hills has settled well, and is able to go out for longer periods of time. She has two little 12hh field companions, and within about five minutes, she had established herself as herd leader in charge of everyone else. Her stable looks out across the moors to one side, and the neighbouring towns to the other- she has amazing views!

She has had to get used to living where chickens run free though, and where tractors are at work; she isn't particularly bothered though, and it seems like she has been here ages.

Yesterday (24.7.12) the vet came to see her. They were meant to do yet another scan, however the machine is broken and so they had to cancel. So instead they came for a check up. Hills is now off all pain killers, on a feed balancer and glucosamine, going out for between two and four hours, and being ridden for twenty minutes a day as many days of the week as possible. She is looking well, and moving much better. The increased turn out means that she is moving more, and at her own pace which helps the tendon heal. This is something we hope to build up even more.

The vet has noted that for the first couple of trot strides, Hills is quite stiff, and therefore not sound, however, after these few strides, she is looking a lot better. This is great news and I feel so thrilled that she is very nearly sound once again. He then went on to say that in light of this, he recommends stalling with the cancelled scan, and having someone look at her again in six weeks. If she is still stiff then scan again, however, if she is sound, we may have done it, and the scan probably wont be necessary. This adds to the amazing news, and I feel so happy that finally, we may be able to canter and do some proper lessons. But more than that, I feel so happy that finally Hills is almost better, and back to her normal self. I can't wait to put this behind us.

Hills eyes have also been checked, and they are showing no progress since March. This is another brilliant piece of news. Finally, after 2012 seeming so challenging and 'unfair', I'm feeling things are picking up. I hope this continues and hope that after all our hurdles, we can finally get on with strengthening our bond, and enjoying life together.

Here's to new beginnings, fresh starts looking forward to new horizons x.

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