Saturday, 18 February 2012

Road to recovery Part 1

Hillary is beginning to recover well. After the initial accident, her x-rays came back clear, and so the next milestone is the scan, which should take place next week sometime. The vet, who has been three times now, is extremely impressed with her progress. It's strange to think that I very nearly lost her, and in fact, I haven't yet come to terms with it. 

To non-horsey people, the way I feel about Hills may seem bizarre, but to me, she is like my child. I don't have children, and as yet, don't want any. I don't feel responsible for Hillary (although I know I am), I feel more as though I would do anything for her because I love her and couldn't imagine not having her in my life. If she hadn't reacted to her leg getting caught in the gate calmly, she probably wouldn't be here right now. I am so so grateful that she reacted so calmly, and that there were people around to help her. I am grateful to everyone that helped her that evening, and am trying to thank everyone that either helped her directly, or who have sent her get well messages. To many, this may seem strange, but to me, my whole world has been turned  upside down. 

The vet has been this morning (18.2.12), and is amazed by how well she is doing. The bandage has been removed from the much thicker green one, to a much lighter red one:

There is much less swelling than expected (some around the coffin joint and pastern) but everything seems unbelievably well. Hills in herself is bright and when I take her out on her little walks (to stop her stiffening up), she is forward and wanting to move about. The vet tells me that although her still being here is a miracle, and her progress is remarkable, there is still likely to be some damage. It's hard to be realistic for me.

I wanted to spend my few days off riding, and was so excited when the snow melted. I can't believe what has happened to her, and despite part of me feeling that so much has befallen her recently, I do feel quite positive. I can't wait for her rehabilitation to start, and to get her back working. Sometimes, things are sent to try us, and life suddenly becomes hard. I have hardly slept this week and when I have slept, I have been plagued by nightmares. But despite all the uncertainty and worry, I still have Hillary, and the prognosis is good. So for all the times she has been brave, and looked after me, I now will look after her, and I only hope I can give what she gave to me.

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